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IEEE Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (cbms)
2005 (conf/cbms/2005)

  1. Conference Committees. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:- [Conf]

  2. Preface. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:- [Conf]
  3. Annamaria Zaia, Roberta Eleonori, Pierluigi Maponi, Roberto Rossi, Roberto Murri
    Medical Imaging and Osteoporosis: Fractal's Lacunarity Analysis of Trabecular Bone in MR Images. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:3-8 [Conf]

  4. A Novel Approach to Extract Sublingual Vein from Color Image. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  5. Luigi P. Cordella, Gennaro Percannella, Carlo Sansone, Mario Vento
    A Graph-Theoretical Clustering Method for Detecting Clusters of Micro-Calcifications in Mammographic Images. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:15-20 [Conf]
  6. Alexandru Condurache, Til Aach, Stephan Grzybowski, Hans-Günther Machens
    Vessel Segmentation and Analysis in Laboratory Skin Transplant Micro-Angiograms. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:21-26 [Conf]
  7. Hamed Pirsiavash, Mohammad Soleymani, Gholam-Ali Hossein-Zadeh
    An Iterative Approach for Reconstruction of Arbitrary Sparsely Sampled Magnetic Resonance Images. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:27-32 [Conf]
  8. T. P. Exarchos, Alexandros T. Tzallas, Dimitrios I. Fotiadis, S. Konitsiotis, S. Giannopoulos
    A Data Mining Based Approach for the EEG Transient Event Detection and Classification. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:35-40 [Conf]
  9. Pedro Gómez Vilda, Francisco Díaz Pérez, Agustín Álvarez Marquina, K. Murphy, Carlos Lázaro, Rafael Martínez, María Victoria Rodellar Biarge
    Principal Component Analysis of Spectral Perturbation Parameters for Voice Pathology Detection. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:41-46 [Conf]
  10. Criel Merino, M. L. Luis-Garcia, S. E. Hernandez, F. A. Martin, O. Casanova, D. Gomez, M. A. Castellano, J. L. González-Mora
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    CBMS, 2005, pp:47-53 [Conf]
  11. Hermann Georg Mayer, Istvan Nagy, Alois Knoll, Eva U. Schirmbeck, Robert Bauernschmitt
    An Experimental System for Robotic Heart Surgery. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:55-60 [Conf]
  12. Vito Roberto, A. Zappia, C. Testa, Vincenzo Della Mea, G. B. Frisoni
    Neuroimaging Services on the Net. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:61-63 [Conf]
  13. R. H. J. Begent, J. Michael Brady, Anthony Finkelstein, David Gavaghan, P. Kerr, H. Parkinson, Fiona Reddington, J. M. Wilkinson
    Challenges of Ultra Large Scale Integration of Biomedical Computing Systems. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:64-69 [Conf]
  14. Timothy O'Sullivan, Richard Studdert
    Handheld Medical Devices Negotiating for Reconfigurable Resources Using Agents. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:70-75 [Conf]
  15. Bridget Kane, Saturnino Luz, Gerard Menezes, Donal P. Hollywood
    Enabling Change in Healthcare Structures through Teleconferencing. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:76-81 [Conf]
  16. Lilla Böröczky, Luyin Zhao, K. P. Lee
    Feature Subset Selection for Improving the Performance of False Positive Reduction in Lung Nodule CAD. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:85-90 [Conf]
  17. Vili Podgorelec, Marjan Hericko, Ivan Rozman
    Improving Mining of Medical Data by Outliers Prediction. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:91-96 [Conf]
  18. Jin Yu, Syed Sibte Raza Abidi, Paul Habib Artes, Andrew R. McIntyre, Malcolm I. Heywood
    Automated Optic Nerve Analysis for Diagnostic Support in Glaucoma. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:97-102 [Conf]
  19. Christina Catley, Monique Frize, Robin C. Walker, Dorina C. Petriu
    Predicting Preterm Birth Using Artificial Neural Networks. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:103-108 [Conf]
  20. Lucia Sacchi, Riccardo Bellazzi, Riccardo Porreca, Cristiana Larizza, Paolo Magni
    Precedence Temporal Networks from Gene Expression Data. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:109-114 [Conf]
  21. Giovanni Maria Sacco
    Guided Interactive Diagnostic Systems. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:117-122 [Conf]
  22. Miljenko Krizmaric, Tanja Zmauc, Dusanka Micetic Turk, Gregor Stiglic, Peter Kokol
    Time Allocation Simulation Model of Clean and Dirty Pathways in Hospital Environment. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:123-127 [Conf]
  23. Nikita Shklovskiy-Kordi, Vsevolod V. Shakin, Grigory O. Ptashko, Maxim Surin, Boris Zingerman, Saveli Goldberg, Marina Krol
    Decision Support System Using Multimedia Case History Quantitative Comparison and Multivariate Statistical Analysis. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:128-133 [Conf]
  24. Mateja Verlic, Milan Zorman, Matej Mertik
    iAPERAS - Intelligent Athlete's Personal Assistant. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:134-138 [Conf]
  25. Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Mykola Pechenizkiy, Seppo Puuronen
    Towards the Framework of Adaptive User Interfaces for eHealth. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:139-144 [Conf]
  26. Margaret G. E. Peterson, Laura Robbins, Nancy Kwong
    Validating Health Status Questionnaires in Medicine: Examples from a Real Life Trial. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:147-152 [Conf]
  27. Srivatsava Ranjit Ganta, Jyotsna Kasturi, John Gilbertson, Raj Acharya
    An Online Analysis and Information Fusion Platform for Heterogeneous Biomedical Informatics Data. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:153-158 [Conf]
  28. Sofiane Sarni, Anderson Maciel, Ronan Boulic, Daniel Thalmann
    A Spreadsheet Framework for Visual Exploration of Biomedical Datasets. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:159-164 [Conf]
  29. Kabita Shakya, Catherine Deegan, Fran Hegarty, Charles Markham
    Dynamic Response Measurement of Clinical Gas Analysers. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:165-170 [Conf]
  30. Virginia González-Vélez, Horacio González-Vélez
    A Grid-Based Stochastic Simulation of Unitary and Membrane Ca^2+ Currents in Spherical Cells. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:171-176 [Conf]
  31. M. Rachel Flynn, Moira Lonergan, Peter Kearney, Emer Shelley
    Development of the National Cardiovascular Information System (NCIS) in Ireland. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:179-184 [Conf]
  32. Olivier Curé
    Ontology Interaction with a Patient Electronic Health Record. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:185-190 [Conf]
  33. Massoud Vahabzadeh, Jia-Ling Lin, Mustapha Mezghanni, Anne Gupman, John Schmittner, Kenzie Preston
    An Adaptable Assessment Generation System for Clinical Trials Complementing Human Research Information System. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:191-196 [Conf]
  34. Xiaoqian Xu, D. J. Lee, Sameer Antani, L. Rodney Long
    Relevance Feedback for Spine X-ray Retrieval. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:197-202 [Conf]
  35. Benjamin Jung
    DICOM-X - Seamless Integration of Medical Images into the EHR. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:203-207 [Conf]
  36. Syed Sibte Raza Abidi
    Medical Knowledge Morphing: Towards Case-Specific Integration of Heterogeneous Medical Knowledge Resources. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:208-213 [Conf]
  37. Gaye Stephens, Graham Woods
    An Initial Investigation into the Role of Health Informatics in the Context of Global Health. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:214-219 [Conf]
  38. Béatrice Finance, Saïda Medjdoub, Philippe Pucheral
    Privacy of Medical Records: From Law Principles to Practice. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:220-225 [Conf]
  39. Finola Bradley, Benjamin Jung
    Putting Fun into Function with QuizMed - An Interactive Medical Application. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:226-231 [Conf]
  40. Kudakwashe Dube, Essam Mansour, Bing Wu
    Supporting Collaboration and Information Sharing in Computer-Based Clinical Guideline Management. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CBMS, 2005, pp:232-237 [Conf]
  41. Yajie Sun, Jasjit S. Suri, Rangaraj M. Rangayyan
    A Novel Approach for Breast Skin-Line Estimation in Mammograms. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
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  42. Jean-Baptiste Fasquel, Vincent Agnus
    Improving Genericity and Performances of Medical Systems Based on Image Analysis. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
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