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Publications of Author

  1. Wolfgang Küchlin
    PARSAC-2: A Parallel SAC-2 Based on Threads. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    AAECC, 1990, pp:341-353 [Conf]
  2. Wolfgang Küchlin, David Lutz, Nicholas Nevin
    Integer Multiplication in PARSAC-2 on Stock Microprocessors. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    AAECC, 1991, pp:206-217 [Conf]
  3. Wolfgang Küchlin
    On the Multi-Threaded Computation of Modular Polynomial Greatest Common Divisors. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ACPC, 1991, pp:369-384 [Conf]
  4. Carsten Sinz, Wolfgang Küchlin, Thomas Lumpp
    Towards a Verification of the Rule-Based Expert System of the IBM SA for OS/390 Automation Manager. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    APAQS, 2001, pp:367-374 [Conf]
  5. Wolfgang Küchlin, Gerhard Gruhler, Andreas Speck, Thomas Lumpp
    HighRobot: Distributed Objekt-Oriented Real-Time Systems. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ARCS, 1997, pp:95-104 [Conf]
  6. George E. Collins, Jeremy R. Johnson, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Parallel Real Root Isolation Using the Coefficient Sign Variation Method. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CAP, 1990, pp:71-87 [Conf]
  7. Wolfgang Küchlin
    The S-Threads Environment for Parallel Symbolic Computation. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CAP, 1990, pp:1-18 [Conf]
  8. Wolfgang Blochinger, W. Westje, Wolfgang Küchlin, Sebastian Wedeniwski
    ZetaSAT - Boolean SATisfiability solving on Desktop Grids. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CCGRID, 2005, pp:1079-1086 [Conf]
  9. Ralf-Dieter Schimkat, Michael Friedrich, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Deploying Distributed State Information in Mobile Agent Systems. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CoopIS, 2001, pp:80-94 [Conf]
  10. Michael Grossmann, Wolfgang Küchlin
    MIN-Multimediale Module für Mathematik in Informatik und Naturwissenschaften. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    DeLFI, 2005, pp:201-212 [Conf]
  11. Beatrice Amrhein, Oliver Gloor, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Walking Faster. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    DISCO, 1996, pp:150-161 [Conf]
  12. Reinhard Bündgen, Manfred Göbel, Wolfgang Küchlin
    A Master-Slave Approach to Parallel Term Rewriting on a Hierarchical Multiprocessor. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    DISCO, 1996, pp:183-194 [Conf]
  13. Dieter Bühler, Wolfgang Küchlin, Gerhard Gruhler, Gerd Nusser
    The Virtual Automation Lab - Web Based Teaching of Automation Engineering Concepts. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ECBS, 2000, pp:156-164 [Conf]
  14. Reinhard Bündgen, Wolfgang Küchlin, Werner Lauterbach
    Verification of the Sparrow Processor. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ECBS, 1996, pp:86-0 [Conf]
  15. Wolfgang Küchlin, Gerhard Gruhler, Thomas Lumpp, Andreas Speck
    HighRobot: a high-performance universal robot control on parallel workstations. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ECBS, 1997, pp:444-451 [Conf]
  16. Ralf-Dieter Schimkat, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Living Documents - Micro Servers for Documents. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    EDBT Workshops, 2002, pp:512-525 [Conf]
  17. Wolfgang Küchlin
    A Theorem-Proving Approach to the Knuth-Bendix Completion Algorithm. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    EUROCAM, 1982, pp:101-108 [Conf]
  18. Wolfgang Küchlin
    A Confluence Criterion Based on the Generalised Neman Lemma. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    European Conference on Computer Algebra (2), 1985, pp:390-399 [Conf]
  19. Wolfgang Blochinger, Wolfgang Küchlin
    The Design of an API for Strict Multithreading in C++. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Euro-Par, 2003, pp:722-731 [Conf]
  20. Carsten Sinz, Andreas Kaiser, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Detection of Inconsistencies in Complex Product Configuration Data Using Extended Propositional SAT-Checking. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    FLAIRS Conference, 2001, pp:645-649 [Conf]
  21. Alfons Geser, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Structured Formal Verification of a Fragment of the IBM S/390 Clock Chip [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    FM-Trends, 1998, pp:92-106 [Conf]
  22. Ralf-Dieter Schimkat, Wolfgang Blochinger, Carsten Sinz, Michael Friedrich, Wolfgang Küchlin
    A Service-Based Agent Framework for Distributed Symbolic Computation. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    HPCN Europe, 2000, pp:644-656 [Conf]
  23. Michael Friedrich, Kirsten Terfloth, Gerd Nusser, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Mobile Agents: A Construction Kit for Mobile Device Applications. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    International Conference on Internet Computing, 2004, pp:186-194 [Conf]
  24. Carsten Sinz, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Verifying the On-line Help System of SIEMENS Magnetic Resonance Tomographs. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICFEM, 2004, pp:391-402 [Conf]
  25. Wolfgang Küchlin
    A space-efficient parallel garbage compaction algorithm. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICS, 1991, pp:40-46 [Conf]
  26. Michael Friedrich, Gerd Nusser, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Maintenance of Distributed Systems with Mobile Agents. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICSM, 2002, pp:659-666 [Conf]
  27. Dieter Bühler, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Flexible Similarity Assessment for XML Documents Based on XQL and Java Reflection. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IEA/AIE, 2001, pp:175-186 [Conf]
  28. Andreas Kaiser, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Automotive Product Documentation. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IEA/AIE, 2001, pp:465-475 [Conf]
  29. Ralf-Dieter Schimkat, Wolfgang Küchlin, Frank Nestel
    Living Hypertext - Web Retrieval Techniques for Traditional Database-Centric Information. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IICS, 2002, pp:1-14 [Conf]
  30. Wolfgang Blochinger, Wolfgang Küchlin, Andreas Weber
    The Distributed Object-Oriented Threads System DOTS. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IRREGULAR, 1998, pp:206-217 [Conf]
  31. Till Bubeck, M. Hiller, Wolfgang Küchlin, Wolfgang Rosenstiel
    Distributed Symbolic Computation with DTS. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IRREGULAR, 1995, pp:231-248 [Conf]
  32. Dieter Bühler, Wolfgang Küchlin, Gerd Nusser, Gerhard Gruhler
    The Java Fieldbus Control Framework-Object Oriented Control of Fieldbus Devices. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ISORC, 2001, pp:153-0 [Conf]
  33. Reinhard Bündgen, Manfred Göbel, Wolfgang Küchlin
    A Fine-Grained Parallel Completion Procedure. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ISSAC, 1994, pp:269-277 [Conf]
  34. Beatrice Amrhein, Oliver Gloor, Wolfgang Küchlin
    A Case Study of Multi-Threaded Gröbner Basis Completion. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ISSAC, 1996, pp:95-102 [Conf]
  35. Wolfgang Küchlin
    On the Multi-Threaded Computation of Integral Polynomial Greatest Common Divisors. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ISSAC, 1991, pp:333-342 [Conf]
  36. Wolfgang Blochinger, Carsten Sinz, Wolfgang Küchlin
    A Universal Parallel SAT Checking Kernel. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    PDPTA, 2003, pp:1720-1725 [Conf]
  37. Carsten Sinz, Jörg Denzinger, Jürgen Avenhaus, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Combining Parallel and Distributed Search in Automated Equational Deduction. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    PPAM, 2001, pp:819-832 [Conf]
  38. Carsten Sinz, Amir Khosravizadeh, Wolfgang Küchlin, Viktor Mihajlovski
    Verifying CIM Models of Apache Web-Server Configurations. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    QSIC, 2003, pp:290-297 [Conf]
  39. Reinhard Bündgen, Manfred Göbel, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Parallel ReDuX -> PaReDuX. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    RTA, 1995, pp:408-413 [Conf]
  40. Reinhard Bündgen, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Computing Ground Reducability and Inductively Complete Positions. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    RTA, 1989, pp:59-75 [Conf]
  41. Ralf-Dieter Schimkat, Stefan Müller, Wolfgang Küchlin
    A Lightweight, Message-Oriented Application Server for the WWW. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    SAC (2), 2000, pp:934-941 [Conf]
  42. Carsten Sinz, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Verifying the On-Line Help System of SIEMENS Magnetic Resonance Tomographs using SAT (Extended Abstract) [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    SAT, 2004, pp:- [Conf]
  43. Wolfgang Küchlin, Jeffrey A. Ward
    Experiments with Virtual C Threads. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    SPDP, 1992, pp:50-55 [Conf]
  44. Carsten Sinz, Andreas Kaiser, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Formal methods for the validation of automotive product configuration data. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    AI EDAM, 2003, v:17, n:1, pp:75-97 [Journal]
  45. Andreas Weber, Wolfgang Küchlin, Bernhard Eggers
    Parallel Computer Algebra Software as a Web Component. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Concurrency - Practice and Experience, 1998, v:10, n:11-13, pp:1179-1188 [Journal]
  46. Carsten Sinz, Thomas Lumpp, Jürgen M. Schneider, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Detection of dynamic execution errors in IBM system automation's rule-based expert system. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Information & Software Technology, 2002, v:44, n:14, pp:857-873 [Journal]
  47. Wolfgang Küchlin, Carsten Sinz
    Proving Consistency Assertions for Automotive Product Data Management. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    J. Autom. Reasoning, 2000, v:24, n:1/2, pp:145-163 [Journal]
  48. Carsten Sinz, Wolfgang Küchlin, Dieter Feichtinger, Georg Görtler
    Checking Consistency and Completeness of On-Line Product Manuals. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    J. Autom. Reasoning, 2006, v:37, n:1-2, pp:45-66 [Journal]
  49. Reinhard Bündgen, Manfred Göbel, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Strategy Compliant Multi-Threaded Term Completion. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    J. Symb. Comput., 1996, v:21, n:4, pp:475-505 [Journal]
  50. Wolfgang Blochinger, Carsten Sinz, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Parallel propositional satisfiability checking with distributed dynamic learning. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Parallel Computing, 2003, v:29, n:7, pp:969-994 [Journal]
  51. Beatrice Amrhein, Oliver Gloor, Wolfgang Küchlin
    On the Walk. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Theor. Comput. Sci., 1997, v:187, n:1-2, pp:179-202 [Journal]
  52. Hendrik Post, Wolfgang Küchlin
    Integrated Static Analysis for Linux Device Driver Verification. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IFM, 2007, pp:518-537 [Conf]
  53. Eray Gencay, Wolfgang Küchlin, Thorsten Schafer
    SANchk: An SQL-Based Validation System for SAN Confiuration. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Integrated Network Management, 2007, pp:333-342 [Conf]

  54. Towards SLA-based optimal workload distribution in SANs. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  55. Model Counting in Product Configuration [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

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