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Publications of Author

  1. Qiming Chen
    A Rule-Based Object/Task Modelling Approach. [Citation Graph (8, 14)][DBLP]
    SIGMOD Conference, 1986, pp:281-292 [Conf]
  2. Wesley W. Chu, Qiming Chen
    Neighborhood and Associative Query Answering. [Citation Graph (6, 0)][DBLP]
    J. Intell. Inf. Syst., 1992, v:1, n:3/4, pp:355-382 [Journal]
  3. Wesley W. Chu, Qiming Chen
    A Structured Approach for Cooperative Query Answering. [Citation Graph (6, 9)][DBLP]
    IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng., 1994, v:6, n:5, pp:738-749 [Journal]
  4. Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal
    A Transactional Nested Process Management System. [Citation Graph (5, 13)][DBLP]
    ICDE, 1996, pp:566-573 [Conf]
  5. Qiming Chen, Yahiko Kambayashi
    Coordination of Data and Knowledge Base Systems under Distributed Environment. [Citation Graph (4, 0)][DBLP]
    DS-5, 1992, pp:139-154 [Conf]
  6. Wesley W. Chu, Rei-Chi Lee, Qiming Chen
    Using Type Inference and Induced Rules to Provide Intensional Answers. [Citation Graph (4, 8)][DBLP]
    ICDE, 1991, pp:396-403 [Conf]
  7. Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal
    Commit Scope Control in Nested Transactions. [Citation Graph (3, 2)][DBLP]
    EDBT, 1996, pp:621-624 [Conf]
  8. Michel A. Melkanoff, Qiming Chen
    Integrating Action Capabilities into Information Databases. [Citation Graph (3, 0)][DBLP]
    ICOD, 1983, pp:222-245 [Conf]
  9. Qiming Chen, Wesley W. Chu
    HILOG: A High-Order Logic Programming Language for Non-1NF Deductive Databases. [Citation Graph (2, 0)][DBLP]
    DOOD, 1989, pp:431-452 [Conf]
  10. Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal
    Failure Handling for Transaction Hierarchies. [Citation Graph (2, 16)][DBLP]
    ICDE, 1997, pp:245-254 [Conf]
  11. Qiming Chen, Georges Gardarin
    An Implementation Model for Reasoning with Complex Objects. [Citation Graph (2, 11)][DBLP]
    SIGMOD Conference, 1988, pp:164-172 [Conf]
  12. Qiming Chen, Yahiko Kambayashi
    Nested Relation Based Database Knowledge Representation. [Citation Graph (2, 12)][DBLP]
    SIGMOD Conference, 1991, pp:328-337 [Conf]
  13. Qiming Chen, Parvathi Chundi, Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu
    Dynamic-Agents for Dynamic Service Provisioning. [Citation Graph (1, 0)][DBLP]
    CoopIS, 1998, pp:95-104 [Conf]
  14. Umeshwar Dayal, Qiming Chen
    From Database Programming to Business Process Programming. [Citation Graph (1, 20)][DBLP]
    DBPL, 1995, pp:1- [Conf]
  15. Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu, Umeshwar Dayal
    A Data-Warehouse/OLAP Framework for Scalable Telecommunication Tandem Traffic Analysis. [Citation Graph (1, 0)][DBLP]
    ICDE, 2000, pp:201-210 [Conf]
  16. Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal
    Contracting Transaction Hierarchies. [Citation Graph (1, 0)][DBLP]
    RIDE-NDS, 1996, pp:70-75 [Conf]
  17. Zhiyong Peng, Yahiko Kambayashi, Qiming Chen
    Realization of Data-Knowledge Coordination Model by an Object-Oriented Based Method. [Citation Graph (1, 0)][DBLP]
    RIDE-DOM, 1995, pp:140-147 [Conf]
  18. Michel A. Melkanoff, Qiming Chen
    An Experimental Database Which Combines Static and Dynamic Capabilities. [Citation Graph (1, 0)][DBLP]
    Engineering Design Applications, 1983, pp:53-61 [Conf]
  19. Wesley W. Chu, Andy Y. Hwang, Rei-Chi Lee, Qiming Chen, M. A. Merzbacher, Herbert Hecht
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    SRDS, 1990, pp:86-94 [Conf]
  20. Wesley W. Chu, Qiming Chen, Andy Y. Hwang
    Query Answering via Cooperative Data Inference. [Citation Graph (1, 0)][DBLP]
    J. Intell. Inf. Syst., 1994, v:3, n:1, pp:57-87 [Journal]
  21. Qiming Chen, Parvathi Chundi, Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu
    Dynamic Software Agents for Business Intelligence Applications. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Agents, 1998, pp:453-454 [Conf]
  22. Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu, Umeshwar Dayal, Martin L. Griss
    Multi-agent cooperation, dynamic workflow and XML for e-commerce automation. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Agents, 2000, pp:255-256 [Conf]
  23. Qiming Chen, Georges Gardarin
    Un modèle d'implantation pour raisonner avec des objets complexes. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    BDA, 1988, pp:227-238 [Conf]
  24. Helen Pinto, Jiawei Han, Jian Pei, Ke Wang, Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal
    Multi-Dimensional Sequential Pattern Mining. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CIKM, 2001, pp:81-88 [Conf]
  25. Symon Chang, Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu
    Managing Security Policy in a Large Distributed Web Services Environment. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    COMPSAC, 2003, pp:610-615 [Conf]
  26. Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal
    Multi-Agent Cooperative Transactions for E-Commerce. [Citation Graph (0, 7)][DBLP]
    CoopIS, 2000, pp:311-322 [Conf]
  27. Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu
    A Distributed OLAP Infrastructure for E-Commerce. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CoopIS, 1999, pp:209-220 [Conf]
  28. Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu
    CPM Revisited - An Architecture Comparison. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CoopIS/DOA/ODBASE, 2002, pp:72-90 [Conf]
  29. Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu
    An OLAP-based Scalable Web Access Analysis Engine. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    DaWaK, 2000, pp:210-223 [Conf]
  30. Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu
    OLAP-based Scalable Profiling of Customer Behavior. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    DaWaK, 1999, pp:55-64 [Conf]
  31. Umeshwar Dayal, Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu
    Dynamic Data Warehousing (abstract). [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    DaWaK, 1999, pp:132- [Conf]
  32. Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu
    OLAP-Based Data Mining for Business Intelligence Applications in Telecommunications and E-commerce. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    DNIS, 2000, pp:1-19 [Conf]
  33. Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu, Martin L. Griss
    Dynamic-Agents, Workflow and XML for E-Commerce Automation. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    EC-Web, 2000, pp:314-323 [Conf]
  34. Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu
    Conceptual Modeling for Collaborative E-business Processes. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ER, 2001, pp:1-16 [Conf]
  35. Qiming Chen
    An Object/Task Modeling Approach Based on Domain Knowledge and Control Knowledge Representation. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    FJCC, 1986, pp:200-206 [Conf]
  36. Qiming Chen, Wesley W. Chu
    Cooperative Query Answering in COBASE. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Future Databases, 1992, pp:256-265 [Conf]
  37. Yahiko Kambayashi, Qiming Chen, Takeo Kunishima
    Coordination Manager: A Mechanism to Support Cooperative Work on Database Systems. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Future Databases, 1992, pp:176-183 [Conf]
  38. Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu
    Inter-Enterprise Collaborative Business Process Management. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICDE, 2001, pp:253-260 [Conf]
  39. Jian Pei, Jiawei Han, Behzad Mortazavi-Asl, Helen Pinto, Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu
    PrefixSpan: Mining Sequential Patterns by Prefix-Projected Growth. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICDE, 2001, pp:215-224 [Conf]
  40. Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu, Igor Kleyner
    How Agents from Different E-Commerce Enterprises Cooperate. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ISADS, 2001, pp:341-348 [Conf]
  41. Qiming Chen, Ming-Chien Shan
    Abstract View Objects for Multiple OODB Integration. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ISOTAS, 1993, pp:237-250 [Conf]
  42. Jiawei Han, Jian Pei, Behzad Mortazavi-Asl, Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu
    FreeSpan: frequent pattern-projected sequential pattern mining. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    KDD, 2000, pp:355-359 [Conf]
  43. Qiming Chen
    The Management of Dynamically Distributed Database Windows (Extended Abstract). [Citation Graph (0, 4)][DBLP]
    VLDB, 1986, pp:248- [Conf]
  44. Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu, Vinkesh Mehta
    How Public Conversation Management Integrated with Local Business Process Management. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CEC, 2003, pp:199-206 [Conf]
  45. Martin L. Griss, Qiming Chen, Gregory A. Bolcer, Robert R. Kessler, Leon J. Osterweil
    Agents and Workflow - An Intimate Connection, or Just Friends? [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    TOOLS (30), 1999, pp:558-562 [Conf]
  46. David Burdett, Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu
    Conductor: An Enabler for Web Services-based Business Collaboration. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IEEE Data Eng. Bull., 2002, v:25, n:4, pp:22-26 [Journal]
  47. Qiming Chen, Parvathi Chundi, Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu
    Dynamic Agents. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Int. J. Cooperative Inf. Syst., 1999, v:8, n:2-3, pp:195-0 [Journal]
  48. Qiming Chen, Meichun Hsu, Vinkesh Metha
    How public conversation management integrated with local business process management. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Inf. Syst. E-Business Management, 2004, v:2, n:1, pp:111-126 [Journal]
  49. Jian Pei, Jiawei Han, Behzad Mortazavi-Asl, Jianyong Wang, Helen Pinto, Qiming Chen, Umeshwar Dayal, Meichun Hsu
    Mining Sequential Patterns by Pattern-Growth: The PrefixSpan Approach. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng., 2004, v:16, n:11, pp:1424-1440 [Journal]
  50. Hua Luan, Xiaoyong Du, Shan Wang, Yongzhi Ni, Qiming Chen
    J+-Tree: A New Index Structure in Main Memory. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    DASFAA, 2007, pp:386-397 [Conf]

  51. Extend UDF Technology for Integrated Analytics. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  52. User Defined Partitioning - Group Data Based on Computation Model. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  53. Experience in Extending Query Engine for Continuous Analytics. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  54. SQL TVF Controlling Forms - Express Structured Parallel Data Intensive Computing. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  55. Scaling-Up and Speeding-Up Video Analytics Inside Database Engine. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  56. SFL: A Structured Dataflow Language Based on SQL and FP. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  57. Efficiently support MapReduce-like computation models inside parallel DBMS. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  58. A P2P Camera System with New Consistent Labeling Method Involving Only Simple Geometric Operations. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  59. Data-Continuous SQL Process Model. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  60. Cooperating SQL Dataflow Processes for In-DB Analytics. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  61. GPU-Accelerated Predicate Evaluation on Column Store. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  62. Generalized UDF for Analytics Inside Database Engine. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  63. A System for Web-Based Interactive Real-Time Data Visualization and Analysis. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  64. Correlated Query Process and P2P Execution. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  65. An In-Database Streaming Solution to Multi-camera Fusion. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  66. Scale Out Parallel and Distributed CDR Stream Analytics. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  67. Operational BI platform for video analytics. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

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