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Publications of Author

  1. Christopher Gammage, Vipin Chaudhary
    On Optimization and Parallelization of Fuzzy Connected Segmentation for Medical Imaging. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    AINA (2), 2006, pp:623-627 [Conf]
  2. Mamatha Nanjundaiah, Vipin Chaudhary
    Improvement to the Anticollision Protocol Specification for 900MHz Class 0 Radio Frequency Identification Tag. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    AINA, 2005, pp:616-620 [Conf]
  3. John Paul Walters, Bashar Qudah, Vipin Chaudhary
    Accelerating the HMMER Sequence Analysis Suite Using Conventional Processors. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    AINA (1), 2006, pp:289-294 [Conf]
  4. Jianhua Ma, Qiangfu Zhao, Vipin Chaudhary, Jingde Cheng, Laurence Tianruo Yang, Runhe Huang, Qun Jin
    Ubisafe Computing: Vision and Challenges (I). [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ATC, 2006, pp:386-397 [Conf]
  5. Guy Edjlali, Anurag Acharya, Vipin Chaudhary
    History-Based Access Control for Mobile Code. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, 1998, pp:38-48 [Conf]
  6. Anilkumar Nambiar, Vipin Chaudhary
    Mapping Resource Constrained Applications on Chip Multiprocessors. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ESA, 2005, pp:117-123 [Conf]
  7. Guy Edjlali, Anurag Acharya, Vipin Chaudhary
    History-Based Access Control for Mobile Code. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Secure Internet Programming, 1999, pp:413-431 [Conf]
  8. Anilkumar Nambiar, Vipin Chaudhary
    On Tools for Modeling High-Performance Embedded Systems. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    EUC, 2005, pp:360-370 [Conf]
  9. Ganesh Yadav, R. K. Singh, Vipin Chaudhary
    On Implementation of MPEG-2 Like Real-Time Parallel Media Applications on MDSP SoC Cradle Architecture. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    EUC, 2004, pp:281-290 [Conf]
  10. Hai Jiang, Vipin Chaudhary
    Process/Thread Migration and Checkpointing in Heterogeneous Distributed Systems. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    HICSS, 2004, pp:- [Conf]
  11. Jialin Ju, Vipin Chaudhary
    A Fission Technique Enabling Parallelization of Imperfectly Nested Loops. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    HiPC, 1999, pp:87-94 [Conf]
  12. Hai Jiang, Vipin Chaudhary
    On Improving Thread Migration: Safety and Performance. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    HiPC, 2002, pp:474-484 [Conf]
  13. Hai Jiang, Vipin Chaudhary
    Thread Migration/Checkpointing for Type-Unsafe C Programs. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    HiPC, 2003, pp:469-479 [Conf]
  14. David A. Reimann, Vipin Chaudhary, Ishwar K. Sethi
    Modeling Cone-Beam Tomographic Reconstruction Using LogSMP: An Extenced LogP Model for Clusters of SMPs. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    HiPC, 1999, pp:77-83 [Conf]
  15. Sumit Roy, Vipin Chaudhary
    Strings: A High-Performance Distributed Shared Memory for Symmetrical Multiprocessor Clusters. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    HPDC, 1998, pp:90-97 [Conf]
  16. John Paul Walters, Vipin Chaudhary
    Application-Level Checkpointing Techniques for Parallel Programs. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICDCIT, 2006, pp:221-234 [Conf]
  17. Xiandong Meng, Vipin Chaudhary
    Exploiting Multi-level Parallelism for Homology Search using General Purpose Processors. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPADS (2), 2005, pp:331-335 [Conf]
  18. Vipin Chaudhary, K. Kamath, Prakash Arunachalam, Jake K. Aggarwal
    Parallel Manipulations of Octrees and Quadtrees. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPIA, 1992, pp:69-86 [Conf]
  19. Vipin Chaudhary, Jake K. Aggarwal
    Generalized Mapping of Parallel Algorithms Onto Parallel Architectures. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP (2), 1990, pp:137-141 [Conf]
  20. Vipin Chaudhary, Jake K. Aggarwal
    On the Complexity of Parallel Image Component Labeling. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP (3), 1991, pp:183-187 [Conf]
  21. Vipin Chaudhary, Bikash Sabata, Jake K. Aggarwal
    The VEDIC Network for Multicomputers. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP (1), 1991, pp:686-687 [Conf]
  22. Jialin Ju, Vipin Chaudhary
    Unique Sets Oriented Partitioning of Nested Loops with Non-uniform Dependences. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP, Vol. 3, 1996, pp:45-52 [Conf]
  23. Hai Jiang, Vipin Chaudhary, John Paul Walters
    Data Conversion for Process/Thread Migration and Checkpointing. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP, 2003, pp:473-0 [Conf]
  24. Feng Liu, Vipin Chaudhary
    Extending OpenMP for Heterogeneous Chip Multiprocessors. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP, 2003, pp:161-0 [Conf]
  25. Subburajan Ponnuswamy, Vipin Chaudhary
    A Comparative Study of Star Graphs and Rotator Graphs. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP (1), 1994, pp:46-50 [Conf]
  26. David A. Reimann, Vipin Chaudhary, Michael J. Flynn, Ishwar K. Sethi
    Parallel Implementation of Cone Beam Tomography. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP, Vol. 2, 1996, pp:170-173 [Conf]
  27. Vipin Chaudhary
    Surgery Needs HPC, Really! [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP Workshops, 2006, pp:415-418 [Conf]
  28. Vipin Chaudhary, W. L. Hase, Hai Jiang, L. Sun, Darshan Thaker
    Experiments with Parallelizing a Tribology Application. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP Workshops, 2002, pp:344-351 [Conf]
  29. Vipin Chaudhary, P. Sadayappan
    Message from the Co-Chairs. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP Workshops, 2002, pp:547-550 [Conf]
  30. Vipin Chaudhary, P. Sadayappan
    Message from the Chairs: International Workshop on Compile and Run Time Techniques for Parallel Computing. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP Workshops, 2004, pp:497- [Conf]
  31. Vipin Chaudhary, P. Sadayappan
    Message from the Chairs. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP Workshops, 2005, pp:282- [Conf]
  32. Hai Jiang, Vipin Chaudhary
    MigThread: Thread Migration in DSM Systems. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP Workshops, 2002, pp:581-588 [Conf]
  33. John Paul Walters, Hai Jiang, Vipin Chaudhary
    An Adaptive Heterogeneous Software DSM. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICPP Workshops, 2006, pp:266-272 [Conf]
  34. Vipin Chaudhary, Bikash Sabata, Jake K. Aggarwal
    Mapping Interconnection Networks into VEDIC Networks. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IPPS, 1993, pp:531-537 [Conf]
  35. Nandan Garg, Daniel Grosu, Vipin Chaudhary
    An Antisocial Strategy for Scheduling Mechanisms. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IPDPS, 2005, pp:- [Conf]
  36. Hai Jiang, Vipin Chaudhary
    Compile/Run-Time Support for Thread Migration. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IPDPS, 2002, pp:- [Conf]
  37. Cheng-Zhong Xu, Vipin Chaudhary
    Time-Stamping Algorithms for Parallelization of Loops at Run-Time. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IPPS, 1997, pp:443-450 [Conf]
  38. Vipin Chaudhary, Cheng-Zhong Xu, Sumit Roy, Jialin Ju, V. Sinha, Laiwu Luo
    Design and evaluation of an environment APE for automatic parallelization of programs. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ISPAN, 1996, pp:77-83 [Conf]
  39. Yanqing Ji, Hai Jiang, Vipin Chaudhary
    Adaptation Strategies for Application-Level Computation Migration/Checkpointing. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    PDPTA, 2005, pp:1156-1169 [Conf]
  40. Weisong Shi, Kandarp Shah, Yonggen Mao, Vipin Chaudhary
    Tuxedo: A Peer-to-Peer Caching System. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    PDPTA, 2003, pp:981-987 [Conf]
  41. Darshan Thaker, Vipin Chaudhary
    DSMSim: A Distributed Shared Memory Simulator for Clusters of Symmetric Multi-Processors. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    PDPTA, 2003, pp:1561-1567 [Conf]
  42. Darshan Thaker, Vipin Chaudhary, Guy Edjlali, Sumit Roy
    Cost-Performance Evaluation of SMP Clusters. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    PDPTA, 1999, pp:718-724 [Conf]
  43. Yanqing Ji, Hai Jiang, Vipin Chaudhary
    Adaptation point analysis for computation migration/checkpointing. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    SAC, 2005, pp:750-751 [Conf]
  44. Xiandong Meng, Vipin Chaudhary
    Bio-sequence analysis with cradle's 3SoCTM software scalable system on chip. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    SAC, 2004, pp:202-206 [Conf]
  45. Xiandong Meng, Vipin Chaudhary
    An adaptive data prefetching scheme for biosequence database search on reconfigurable platforms. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    SAC, 2007, pp:140-141 [Conf]
  46. Mamatha Nanjundaiah, Vipin Chaudhary
    A Simulation Study Comparing the Performance of Two RFID Protocols. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    UIC, 2006, pp:679-687 [Conf]
  47. Feng Liu, Vipin Chaudhary
    A Practical OpenMP Compiler for System on Chips. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    WOMPAT, 2003, pp:54-68 [Conf]
  48. Jialin Ju, Vipin Chaudhary
    Unique Sets Oriented Parallelization of Loops with Non-Uniform Dependences. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Comput. J., 1997, v:40, n:6, pp:322-339 [Journal]
  49. Sumit Roy, Vipin Chaudhary
    Design issues for a high-performance distributed shared memory on symmetrical multiprocessor clusters. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Cluster Computing, 1999, v:2, n:3, pp:177-186 [Journal]
  50. Darshan Thaker, Vipin Chaudhary
    Simulation tools to study a distributed shared memory for clusters of symmetric multiprocessors. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Future Generation Comp. Syst., 2006, v:22, n:1-2, pp:57-66 [Journal]
  51. Vipin Chaudhary, K. Kumari, Prakash Arunachalam, Jake K. Aggarwal
    Manipulations of Octrees and Quadtrees on Multiprocessors. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IJPRAI, 1994, v:8, n:2, pp:439-455 [Journal]
  52. Vipin Chaudhary, W. L. Hase, Hai Jiang, L. Sun, Darshan Thaker
    Experiments with Parallelizing Tribology Simulations. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    The Journal of Supercomputing, 2004, v:28, n:3, pp:323-343 [Journal]
  53. Vipin Chaudhary, Jake K. Aggarwal
    A Generalized Scheme for Mapping Parallel Algorithms. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IEEE Trans. Parallel Distrib. Syst., 1993, v:4, n:3, pp:328-346 [Journal]
  54. Cheng-Zhong Xu, Vipin Chaudhary
    Time Stamp Algorithms for Runtime Parallelization of DOACROSS Loops with Dynamic Dependences. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IEEE Trans. Parallel Distrib. Syst., 2001, v:12, n:5, pp:433-450 [Journal]
  55. John Paul Walters, Vipin Chaudhary
    FT-OpenVZ: A virtualized approach to fault-tolerance in distributed systems. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ISCA PDCS, 2007, pp:85-90 [Conf]
  56. Padmanabhan Menon, Vipin Chaudhary, James G. Pipe
    Parallel algorithms for deblurring of MR images. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Computers and Their Applications, 1998, pp:266-269 [Conf]
  57. Sumit Roy, Vipin Chaudhary
    Evaluation of cluster interconnects for a distributed shared memory. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IPCCC, 1999, pp:1-7 [Conf]
  58. John Paul Walters, Xiandong Meng, Vipin Chaudhary, Timothy F. Oliver, Leow Yuan Yeow, Bertil Schmidt, Darran Nathan, Joseph I. Landman
    MPI-HMMER-Boost: Distributed FPGA Acceleration. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    VLSI Signal Processing, 2007, v:48, n:3, pp:223-238 [Journal]

  59. Adaptive Secure Access to Remote Services. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  60. Accelerating Molecular Dynamics Simulations with GPUs. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  61. A Comparison of Virtualization Technologies for HPC. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  62. A Scalable Asynchronous Replication-Based Strategy for Fault Tolerant MPI Applications. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  63. Comparing the performance of clusters, Hadoop, and Active Disks on microarray correlation computations. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  64. Evaluating the use of GPUs in liver image segmentation and HMMER database searches. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  65. Improving MPI-HMMER's scalability with parallel I/O. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  66. Desiccation Diagnosis in Lumbar Discs from Clinical MRI with A Probabilistic Model. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  67. Lumbar Disc Localization and Labeling with a Probabilistic Model on Both Pixel and Object Features. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  68. Segmentation of the Liver from Abdominal CT Using Markov Random Field Model and GVF Snakes. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  69. Listen-while-talking: a technique for primary user protection. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  70. Web-Based Architecture to Enable Compute-Intensive CAD Tools and Multi-user Synchronization in Teleradiology. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

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