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Publications of Author

  1. Min Zhao, Hang Li, Adwait Ratnaparkhi, Hsiao-Wuen Hon, Jue Wang
    Adapting Document Ranking to Users' Preferences Using Click-Through Data. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    AIRS, 2006, pp:26-42 [Conf]
  2. Jue Wang, Zhiwei Li, Jinyi Yao, Zengqi Sun, Mingjing Li, Wei-Ying Ma
    Adaptive User Profile Model and Collaborative Filtering for Personalized News. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    APWeb, 2006, pp:474-485 [Conf]
  3. Jue Wang, Michael F. Cohen
    Very Low Frame-Rate Video Streaming For Face-to-Face Teleconference. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    DCC, 2005, pp:309-318 [Conf]
  4. Kaichang Di, Ruijin Ma, Jue Wang, Ron Li
    Coastal Mapping and Change Detection Using High--Resolution IKONOS Satellite Imagery. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    DG.O, 2003, pp:- [Conf]
  5. Kaichang Di, Ruijin Ma, Jue Wang, Ron Li
    Coastal Mapping and Change Detection Using High--Resolution IKONOS Satellite Imagery. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    DG.O, 2003, pp:- [Conf]
  6. Xutong Niu, Jue Wang, Kaichang Di, Jin-Duk Lee, Rongxing (Ron) Li
    Evaluation of the Geopositioning Accuracy of QuickBird Imagery. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    DG.O, 2004, pp:- [Conf]
  7. Jue Wang, Bo Thiesson, Yingqing Xu, Michael Cohen
    Image and Video Segmentation by Anisotropic Kernel Mean Shift. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ECCV (2), 2004, pp:238-249 [Conf]
  8. Jinyi Yao, Jue Wang, Zhiwei Li, Mingjing Li, Wei-Ying Ma
    Ranking Web News Via Homepage Visual Layout and Cross-Site Voting. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ECIR, 2006, pp:131-142 [Conf]
  9. Kai Zhao, Jue Wang
    Multi-robot Cooperation and Competition with Genetic Programming. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    EuroGP, 2000, pp:349-360 [Conf]
  10. Junping Zhang, Stan Z. Li, Jue Wang
    Nearest Manifold Approach for Face Recognition. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    FGR, 2004, pp:223-228 [Conf]
  11. Junping Zhang, Stan Z. Li, Jue Wang
    Geometrical Probability Covering Algorithm. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    FSKD (1), 2005, pp:223-231 [Conf]
  12. Jue Wang, Michael F. Cohen
    An Iterative Optimization Approach for Unified Image Segmentation and Matting. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICCV, 2005, pp:936-943 [Conf]
  13. Yueping Peng, Zhong Jian, Jue Wang
    Study on Discharge Patterns of Hindmarsh-Rose Neurons Under Slow Wave Current Stimulation. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICNC (1), 2006, pp:127-134 [Conf]
  14. Jianning Wu, Jue Wang, Li Liu
    Kernel-Based Method for Automated Walking Patterns Recognition Using Kinematics Data. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICNC (2), 2006, pp:560-569 [Conf]
  15. Tong Zhang, Jue Wang, Liang Xu, Ping Liu
    Using Wearable Sensor and NMF Algorithm to Realize Ambulatory Fall Detection. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICNC (2), 2006, pp:488-491 [Conf]
  16. Qing Tao, Gao-wei Wu, Fei-Yue Wang, Jue Wang
    Some Marginal Learning Algorithms for Unsupervised Problems. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ISI, 2005, pp:395-401 [Conf]
  17. Hailong Liu, Jue Wang, Chongxun Zheng
    Using Self-organizing Map for Mental Tasks Classification in Brain-Computer Interface. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ISNN (2), 2005, pp:327-332 [Conf]
  18. Mingyu Liu, Jue Wang, Chongxun Zheng
    Non-negative Matrix Factorizations Based Spontaneous Electroencephalographic Signals Classification Using Back Propagation Feedback Neural Networks. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ISNN (3), 2005, pp:731-736 [Conf]
  19. Xuefei Wang, Rusong Wang, Jue Wang
    Sustainability Knowledge Mining from Human Development Database. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    PAKDD, 1999, pp:279-283 [Conf]
  20. Changjun Hu, Jing Li, Jue Wang, Yonghong Li, Liang Ding, Jianjiang Li
    Communication Generation for Irregular Parallel Applications. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    PARELEC, 2006, pp:263-270 [Conf]
  21. Changjun Hu, Jue Wang, Jianjiang Li, Jianxin Lai
    Extending OpenMP for Implementation of Multi-Paradigm and Multi-Grain Parallel Execution Model. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IASTED PDCS, 2005, pp:187-192 [Conf]
  22. Yiyu Yao, Yan Zhao, Jue Wang, Suqing Han
    A Model of Machine Learning Based on User Preference of Attributes. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    RSCTC, 2006, pp:587-596 [Conf]
  23. Min Zhao, Jue Wang
    Discernibility Matrix Approach to Exception Analysis. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Rough Sets and Current Trends in Computing, 2002, pp:461-466 [Conf]
  24. Yujian Zhou, Jue Wang
    Rule+Exception Modeling Based on Rough Set Theory. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Rough Sets and Current Trends in Computing, 1998, pp:529-536 [Conf]
  25. Suqing Han, Jue Wang
    The Second Attribute. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    RSFDGrC (1), 2005, pp:156-165 [Conf]
  26. Yiyu Yao, Fei-Yue Wang, Jue Wang
    "Rule + Exception" Strategies for Knowledge Management and Discovery. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    RSFDGrC (2), 2005, pp:69-78 [Conf]
  27. Yiyu Yao, Yan Zhao, Jue Wang
    On Reduct Construction Algorithms. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    RSKT, 2006, pp:297-304 [Conf]
  28. Hongwei Qi, Jue Wang
    A model for mining outliers from complex data sets. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    SAC, 2004, pp:595-599 [Conf]
  29. Xiaohong Yuan, Kai Zhao, Jue Wang
    Visualization in Mechanical Geometry Theorem Proving. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    SCAI, 1995, pp:478-482 [Conf]
  30. Jue Wang, Yiping Yang, Juwei Tai
    CKRL: A Connectionist Knowledge Representation Language. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    SEKE, 1990, pp:166-170 [Conf]
  31. Qing Tao, Gao-wei Wu, Jue Wang
    One-Class Strategies for Security Information Detection. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    WISI, 2006, pp:171-172 [Conf]
  32. Jue Wang, Fei-Yue Wang, Daniel Dajun Zeng
    Rule+Exception Learning-Based Class Specification and Labeling in Intelligence and Security Analysis. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    WISI, 2006, pp:181-182 [Conf]
  33. Jue Wang, Jianxin Lai, Yudi Zhao, Suqin Zhang
    Multi-paradigm and Multi-grain Parallel Execution Model Based on SMP-Cluster. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    John Vincent Atanasoff Symposium, 2006, pp:266-272 [Conf]
  34. Jue Wang, Min Zhao, Kai Zhao, Suqing Han
    Multilevel data summarization from information systems: a "rule + exception" approach. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    AI Commun., 2003, v:16, n:1, pp:17-39 [Journal]
  35. Yiyu Yao, Fei-Yue Wang, Jue Wang, Daniel Dajun Zeng
    Rule + Exception Strategies for Security Information Analysis. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IEEE Intelligent Systems, 2005, v:20, n:5, pp:52-57 [Journal]
  36. Jue Wang, Chenyu Wu, Ying-Qing Xu, Heung-Yeung Shum
    Combining shape and physical modelsfor online cursive handwriting synthesis. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    IJDAR, 2005, v:7, n:4, pp:219-227 [Journal]
  37. Suqing Han, Jue Wang
    Reduct and Attribute Order. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    J. Comput. Sci. Technol., 2004, v:19, n:4, pp:429-449 [Journal]
  38. Jue Wang, Wang Ju
    Reduction Algorithms Based on Discernibility Matrix: The Ordered Attributes Method. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    J. Comput. Sci. Technol., 2001, v:16, n:6, pp:489-504 [Journal]
  39. Jue Wang, Cui Jia, Kai Zhao
    Investigation on AQ11, ID3 and the Principle of Discernibility Matrix. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    J. Comput. Sci. Technol., 2001, v:16, n:1, pp:1-12 [Journal]
  40. Jiaqi Wang, Qing Tao, Jue Wang
    Kernel Projection Algorithm for Large-Scale SVM Problems. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    J. Comput. Sci. Technol., 2002, v:17, n:5, pp:556-564 [Journal]
  41. Kai Zhao, Jue Wang
    A Reduction Algorithm Meeting Users' Requirements. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    J. Comput. Sci. Technol., 2002, v:17, n:5, pp:578-593 [Journal]
  42. Suqing Han, Jue Wang
    Second Attribute Algorithm Based on Tree Expression. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    J. Comput. Sci. Technol., 2006, v:21, n:3, pp:383-392 [Journal]
  43. Qing Tao, Jue Wang
    A New Fuzzy Support Vector Machine Based on the Weighted Margin. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Neural Processing Letters, 2004, v:20, n:3, pp:139-150 [Journal]
  44. Qing Tao, Gao-wei Wu, Jue Wang
    A new maximum margin algorithm for one-class problems and its boosting implementation. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Pattern Recognition, 2005, v:38, n:7, pp:1071-1077 [Journal]
  45. Qing Tao, Gao-wei Wu, Jue Wang
    The theoretical analysis of FDA and applications. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Pattern Recognition, 2006, v:39, n:6, pp:1199-1204 [Journal]
  46. Qing Tao, Gao-wei Wu, Jue Wang
    A generalized S-K algorithm for learning v-SVM classifiers. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Pattern Recognition Letters, 2004, v:25, n:10, pp:1165-1171 [Journal]
  47. Jue Wang, Pravin Bhat, Alex Colburn, Maneesh Agrawala, Michael F. Cohen
    Interactive video cutout. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ACM Trans. Graph., 2005, v:24, n:3, pp:585-594 [Journal]
  48. Jue Wang, Steven M. Drucker, Maneesh Agrawala, Michael F. Cohen
    The cartoon animation filter. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ACM Trans. Graph., 2006, v:25, n:3, pp:1169-1173 [Journal]
  49. Jue Wang, Yingqing Xu, Heung-Yeung Shum, Michael F. Cohen
    Video tooning. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ACM Trans. Graph., 2004, v:23, n:3, pp:574-583 [Journal]
  50. Jie Zhang, Guisheng Liao, Jue Wang
    Robust direction finding for cyclostationary signals with cycle frequency error. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Signal Processing, 2005, v:85, n:12, pp:2386-2393 [Journal]
  51. Jue Wang, Michael F. Cohen
    Simultaneous Matting and Compositing. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CVPR, 2007, pp:- [Conf]
  52. Jue Wang, Michael F. Cohen
    Optimized Color Sampling for Robust Matting. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    CVPR, 2007, pp:- [Conf]
  53. Guang-Jun Zhang, Jue Wang, Jian-Xue Xu, Xiang-Bo Wang, Hong Yao
    Mechanism of Bifurcation-Dependent Coherence Resonance of Excitable Neuron Model. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    HCI (12), 2007, pp:757-766 [Conf]
  54. Jue Wang, Nan Yan, Hailong Liu, Mingyu Liu, Changfeng Tai
    Brain-Computer Interfaces Based on Attention and Complex Mental Tasks. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    HCI (12), 2007, pp:467-473 [Conf]
  55. Wei Xu, Jue Wang, Xun Zhang, Wen Zhang, Shouyang Wang
    A New Hybrid Approach for Analysis of Factors Affecting Crude Oil Price. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    International Conference on Computational Science (3), 2007, pp:964-971 [Conf]
  56. Fuxin Li, Jian Yang, Jue Wang
    A transductive framework of distance metric learning by spectral dimensionality reduction. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ICML, 2007, pp:513-520 [Conf]
  57. Lingmei Ai, Jue Wang, Liyu Huang, Xuelian Wang
    Hand Tremor Classification Using Bispectrum Analysis of Acceleration Signals and Back-Propagation Neural Network. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ISNN (2), 2007, pp:1202-1210 [Conf]
  58. Changjun Hu, Guangli Yao, Jue Wang, Jianjiang Li
    Transforming the Adaptive Irregular Out-of-Core Applications for Hiding Communication and Disk I/O. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    OTM Conferences (2), 2007, pp:1200-1213 [Conf]
  59. Jue Wang, Changjun Hu, Jianjiang Li
    Contention-Free Communication Scheduling for Group Communication in Data Parallelism. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    OTM Conferences (2), 2007, pp:1349-1366 [Conf]
  60. Hongli Liang, Jue Wang, Yiyu Yao
    User-Oriented Feature Selection for Machine Learning. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Comput. J., 2007, v:50, n:4, pp:421-434 [Journal]
  61. Wei Cheng, Zhi Wen Mo, Jue Wang
    Notes on "the lower and upper approximations in a fuzzy group" and "rough ideals in semigroups". [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Inf. Sci., 2007, v:177, n:22, pp:5134-5140 [Journal]
  62. Min Zhao, Suqing Han, Jue Wang
    Tree Expressions for Information Systems. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    J. Comput. Sci. Technol., 2007, v:22, n:2, pp:297-307 [Journal]
  63. Qing Tao, Gao-wei Wu, Jue Wang
    Learning linear PCA with convex semi-definite programming. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Pattern Recognition, 2007, v:40, n:10, pp:2633-2640 [Journal]
  64. Qing Tao, Gao-wei Wu, Jue Wang
    A general soft method for learning SVM classifiers with L1-norm penalty. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    Pattern Recognition, 2008, v:41, n:3, pp:939-948 [Journal]
  65. Jue Wang, Maneesh Agrawala, Michael F. Cohen
    Soft scissors: an interactive tool for realtime high quality matting. [Citation Graph (0, 0)][DBLP]
    ACM Trans. Graph., 2007, v:26, n:3, pp:9- [Journal]

  66. A New Parallel Gauss-Seidel Method by Iteration Space Alternate Tiling. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  67. Hybrid Markov Logic Networks. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  68. Optimal Admission Control Strategies for Next-gen Wireless Heterogeneous Networks. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  69. Parallel iteration space alternate tiling Gauss-Seidel solver. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  70. Optimized scheduling for group communication in data parallelism. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  71. A perceptually motivated online benchmark for image matting. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  72. Energy efficient architecture of sensor network node based on compression accelerator. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  73. Brain Activation Detection by Neighborhood One-Class SVM. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  74. Peculiarity Analysis for Classifications. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  75. Listwise approach to learning to rank: theory and algorithm. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  76. Study on Synchrony of Two Uncoupled Neurons under Slow Ramp Current Stimulation. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  77. Recursive Feature Extraction for Ordinal Regression. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  78. Local peculiarity factor and its application in outlier detection. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  79. Automatic Transformation for Overlapping Communication and Computation. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  80. An l1 Regularization Framework for Optimal Rule Combination. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  81. Robust sparse rank learning for non-smooth ranking measures. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  82. Markov Logic: A Unifying Language for Structural and Statistical Pattern Recognition. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  83. Creating map-based storyboards for browsing tour videos. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  84. Towards minimalism and expressiveness in interactive drama. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  85. A Custom-Contoured Cushion for Preventing Pressure Ulcers. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  86. Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Gait Parameters in Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  87. OpenMP Implementation of Parallel Linear Solver for Reservoir Simulation. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  88. OpenMP Extensions for Irregular Parallel Applications on Clusters. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  89. Research on Dynamic Reputation Management Model Based on PageRank. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  90. Capacity of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Using Practical Directional Antennas. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  91. Scatter Search for Rough Set Attribute Reduction. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  92. Discriminative Gaussian Mixtures for Interactive Image Segmentation. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  93. A Heuristic Rule of Partitioning Irregular Loop for Parallelizing Compilers. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  94. Torsion formulas for signed graphs. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

  95. The flow and tension spaces and lattices of signed graphs. [Citation Graph (, )][DBLP]

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